The Instagram application is a social networking site that mainly allows you to share photos and videos via IGTV. You also have the option to post a Instagram live broadcast on your profile. In our guide you will learn:

  1. What is Facebook and Instagram Live?
  2. For what purpose is such content posted?
  3. What’s the difference between Instagram live streams and YouTube videos?
  4. How to make a live broadcast – step by step?
  5. How to conduct broadcasts that will increase the reach of your profile in the Instagram application?

You can use our advice when running both a private and business profile. LIVE is, above all, the best way to promote your personal brand – it’s definitely worth trying this way of communicating with your followers. With us you will create a relationship in pro quality!

What is and what is the Instagram live webcast?

If you want to spice up your Instagram profile, you can use live broadcasts for this. This feature is available not only on Insta but also on Facebook. By definition, the broadcasts consist in turning on the camera and broadcasting an Internet broadcast in real time.

However, live on Facebook and Instagram is a more complex feature than live broadcasting on TV. Many people confuse live streaming with coverage. Well, stories consist of photos and videos that you can prepare in advance and post on your profile after initial processing. Live, on the other hand, is a real-time live broadcast, for example: you are riding a bike and you want your followers to see what you admire.

The Instagram live broadcast can also be used to share a video of the event you are at with Instagram users. Unlike videos on YouTube, where we post ready recordings – processed and ready to be shared with our subscribers. Not every Instagram user needs to go live.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Instagram live broadcast are posted for at least two reasons. One of them is greater reach, the other is better communication with your followers on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality that all social media marketers highly recommend using.

Let’s check how it works. Well, simply placing a live broadcast will not make your profile more popular. It’s more about user feedback. The more active the community around your profile is, the more favorable the Instagram algorithm will be for you. Therefore, during the live broadcast, it is worth asking questions to the viewers. You can also refer to your older posts, drawing the attention of your users to a specific topic or product presented on your profile. Remember that leading a relationship requires proper preparation from you. The idea is to elicit reactions from your viewers is an important part of skillful social media marketing.

Before Instagram made it possible to create relationships, brands focused solely on gaining new followers. But it’s not their number, but their activity that counts the most. The more hearts and comments, the better. After all, it’s about gaining popularity and good communication. Unfortunately, most Instagram users do not respond to the content they are viewing. Therefore, live streaming is a better form of presentation. Here, you will get a reaction from your followers more often than among people who view your photos on your phone.

The fact that Instagram live broadcast as a priority is evidenced by the way the relationship is presented on the site. For live broadcasts there is a special bar at the top of the screen. Your video not hidden among thousand of other posts like photos. Let’s start with the reach – sharing live stories will make the Instagram algorithm notice your profile, and this definitely helps in its promotion. How it’s working? Well, Instagram sends some users – your followers notifications that you are live broadcasting. This allows them to go to the story directly from the notification pane. Their latest stories also appear in a bar at the top of the screen. That’s not all – the fact that a new broadcast or relationship has appeared on your profile is also marked in the message window.

As you can see – Instagram itself convinces users that it is worth using this functionality. It is a very convenient form of content presentation and a way to evoke specific reactions from your followers. The functions of stories and live broadcasts on Facebook – Instagram’s sister site – work in a similar way. Thanks to this, you can have more opportunities to communicate with other users of the services. Since specialists in social media marketing recommend creating relationships, it means that it is worth learning how to do them and cleverly use them to increase your reach.

Instagram Live Broadcast – Step by Step Instructions

We advise against live streaming without proper preparation. The basis is to familiarize yourself with the operation of this function to avoid unprofessional behavior. To start or end a relationship, just press one button.

  1. Open your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the add button – by sliding your finger you will go from the “add photo” option, through “report” to “live”. Before you start a story, Instagram will ask you to access the microphone and camera on your phone. Remember that you can broadcast live only via your smartphone.
  3. After giving the required consents, press the button (circle with graphics in Instagram colors).
  4. Attention! You just started your first live. Your followers see you and wait to see what you show them.
  5. To finish, press “Finish” in the upper right corner of the screen.

When you start a story, functions will appear on your phone screen that gives you the ability to manage the story and present additional content.

Instagram Live Broadcast Features

When conducting a live broadcast, you have the opportunity to take advantage of several interesting functionalities. You can choose, for example, filters that apply to your face. You can use them to hide imperfections or spice up your relationship.

Live broadcasting is dynamic in principle, but you must ensure the comfort of watching your viewers. Instagram takes into account that every smartphone today has two cameras. You use the selfies camera while streaming. But nothing prevents you from showing the viewers what you see in front of you.



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