To check is down is experiencing an outage, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the Website: Open your browser and find the way is down. If the site loads effectively and successfully, it might not be down. However, if it doesn’t load, proceed with the following steps.

2. Use a Website Monitoring Service

3. Check on Different Devices and Networks

4. Clear Your Browser Cache

5. Contact Website Support

These steps should help you verify whether is currently experiencing an outage or if the issue is specific to your end. We decide if is down by performing a server verify from our servers, in a way that is parallel to how your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox) would make a link to the website. This website server check is execute from an boundary joint nearby to you, from a network that is current in over 285 cities and 100+ countries. Then confirm the website server status code return to show you is is up or down.

What server response codes do we consider “down” or indicate a problem?

We indicate that is down is down if it returns an HTTP status code anywhere within the 5xx or 4xx range. For example, a “not found” error would return a status code of 404, so we would mark the site as down.

Is Have Issue? is down

What server response codes do we consider “up” / accessible?

We spot a website as up if it returns an HTTP status code anywhere within the 2xx or 3xx ranges. For example, most sites will respond with a 200 HTTP code, so we would mark that site as up.

Our site can display an erroneous negative if the site delivers a successful status code but the content or body of the page is returning an error or otherwise isn’t working properly.

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